We stand with our teachers

Teachers and professors that are part of the University and Colleges Union (UCU) are striking over the next 8 days to protest pensions as well as their pay and conditions.

Why exactly are our teachers striking?

Teachers are striking to fight poor working conditions. Many teachers and professors work many more hours than stated in their contract yet their pay does not reflect this. On top of this, contracts are often unstable and hard to come by.

Whilst jobs are as unstable as ever before, teachers are being forced to pay a 1.6% rise in their pension contributions.

1.6% doesn’t seem like a large amount in isolation but consider that the average teacher makes £40,00 and already pays 8% towards their pension, as well as other bills.

This increase in their pension requirements will take them from paying £3,200 a year to £3,840. This a £640 increase despite salaries staying the same. This is £640 less a teacher gets to take home each year.

Why this is important

Teachers are fundamental pillars of society without which, many geniuses would never have reached their full potential. Without teachers, companies such as Oxbricks couldn’t exist.

With less than optimal working conditions and their pay being eroded at, our teachers cannot continue to teach us effectively and this affects us all.

What can we do to help?

It is as important as ever to show solidarity with our teachers, whether this is as simple an actions writing a supportive tweet or status.

Our education is only as good as those who teach us, contact us to see this put into action.


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